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November 8, 2019
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Thanks to medical and technological innovations, people are living longer and fuller lives. However, as seniors age, their mobility may become limited. This can be due to orthopedic replacements, hip fractures, back injuries, arthritis, and vision difficulties. 

As more seniors choose to age in place, finding ways to safely navigate their homes becomes a priority. Stairlifts are a piece of durable medical equipment that can help seniors safely age in place.

Senior riding an outdoor stairlift in Boston MA

1. Stairlifts Prevent Injuries

Stairlifts are an innovation that allows seniors to move up and down stairs safely. These stairlifts may be a seat that a senior buckles into or a platform a wheelchair is secured on. The senior then pushes a button and the stairlift glides up the stairwell to the appropriate landing. These stairlifts allow seniors to go up and down the stairs in their home without having to take a step. Stairlifts can prevent hip, back, ankle, knee, and head injuries by preventing falls down the stairs. 

2. Stairlifts Allow Seniors to Age in Place

Many seniors are hesitant to sell their family homes. The places where families are raised and memories abound are hallowed grounds. Yet, many seniors feel they have no choice but to go from their larger multi-story dwellings to a single-story home because of concerns over mobility and safety. 

Stairlifts allow seniors to move about the different levels of their home safely and freely. Seniors can remain in the multi-level home where their memories are, if they so choose, without concerns over their safety navigating those levels. Seniors can safely remain in upstairs bedrooms instead of being forced to move to the ground floor due to accessibility. They can continue to access basement washrooms and living spaces. If seniors wish to age in place in a multi-level home, stairlifts can make that dream a reality. 

3. Stairlifts Are Versatile

Stairlifts can be installed on any type of staircase. They can help the user who needs to go up one stair or dozens. They can be used inside or outside. 

There are stairlifts to meet every need and they can be adapted to almost every architectural design. No one should be forced to sell their home because of the size or number of staircases within it.

4. Stairlifts Are Safe

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the number one cause of injury and death among seniors. Stairs can create a serious fall hazard. Stairlifts can prevent many of those falls.

While every model of stairlift is different, they are made with the safety of the user in mind. They have restraints to prevent falls and battery backups to prevent being stranded during power outages. When properly installed and appropriately used, stairlifts save seniors’ lives.

5. Stairlifts Are Affordable

The cost of a stairlift depends on many factors such as the length and design of the stairway. There are a number of grants, waivers, and financing assistance that can help with the costs of installing a stairlift. In some cases, a stairlift may be tax-deductible. For questions and criteria be sure to consult a tax professional about such deductions.

Even without financial assistance, stairlifts are a smart investment.

Many seniors who are thinking about adding a stairlift to their home fail to consider the costs of the alternative. The medical costs associated with injuries from falls, nursing home costs, and home health aide costs are many times greater than the cost of a stairlift. 

Stairlifts allow many seniors to age in place in the homes they love. Stairlifts can be installed in almost every home and on almost any budget.

If you live in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island and would like more information on stairlifts call (508) 802-4259 to speak to an expert at Lift and Care Systems.

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