Aging in Place

July 8, 2021

What Are Some of the Benefits of Configuring Your Home for Aging in Place?

Preparing your home for aging in place now is an excellent investment in your future. Making simple home renovations such as installing grab bars and railings […]
December 1, 2019

5 Things to Know About Stairlifts

Thanks to medical and technological innovations, people are living longer and fuller lives. However, as seniors age, their mobility may become limited. This can be due […]
November 1, 2019

5 Types of Home Medical Equipment for Aging in Place

More and more seniors are choosing to remain in their homes as they age. Here are five things every senior, who plans to age in place, […]
August 1, 2019

Why You Should Prepare for Aging in Place Now

There is a famous fable about an ant and a grasshopper. One spends the summer months frolicking while the other prepares for the winter ahead. As […]