Challenges New Wheelchair Users Face While Driving

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August 1, 2019
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September 9, 2019

Traveling can seem intimidating to a new wheelchair user, but don’t let that stop you. There is no reason you can’t travel and be independent while using a wheelchair if you have the right durable medical equipment.

Vehicular Ramps

One option new wheelchair users should consider is upgrading to a modified vehicle. These are usually vans which have larger doorways and belts to secure a wheelchair in place without the necessity to transfer the passenger.

Example of wheelchair-ramps-for-vehicles-Boston-MA

Modified vehicles often come with in floor or fold out ramps. In floor ramps are hidden under the flooring of the vehicle. This means they take up less space and are invisible. They also are more costly, not as diverse, and can become corroded in cold climates.

Fold out ramps are attached to the vehicle, but fold up either against the passenger door or the rear. They take up interior space which can create issues with passengers. They also are stored in plain sight so they are less aesthetically pleasing. Fold out ramps are usually cheaper than in floor ramps and easier to adjust to a wider angle range. Both of these types of ramps can be manual or automated.


Ramps are not the only option. If you enjoy your independence when driving there are many vehicles that can be modified with hand controls. In such vehicles, a driver who can transfer might feel more comfortable using the Glide n Go Lift.

This lift allows the driver to transfer onto the lift and stabilize their upper body as they disassemble their wheelchair and set it into the car for storage. The lift then raises them level with their seat allowing them to transfer comfortably.

If you frequently travel with a companion, the Glide n Go Lift on the passenger side coupled with the Suitcase Tri-Fold AS Ramp might be a great combination for you. The wheelchair user can use the lift to transfer while their companion uses the Suitcase Tri-Fold AS Ramp to load the wheelchair into the vehicle.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Suitcase Tri-Fold portable ramps aren’t just great for loading wheelchairs into vehicles. They can be used almost anywhere a makeshift ramp is needed. These are perfect for visits to friend or family member’s homes where there is no permanent wheelchair ramp installed.

Portable ramps significantly increase where a wheelchair user can go by creating a ramp wherever and whenever it is needed. There are many types of convenient and easy-to-use portable ramps to choose from.

The Suitcase Tri-Fold AS Ramp folds up into a rectangle with handles and does indeed look like a suitcase. It is inconspicuous and lightweight so it can be taken anywhere. When it is needed, it unfolds easily, creating a ramp wherever one is needed. Then, as soon as it is no longer needed, it simply folds back into its suitcase disguise.

When people first become wheelchair users, they often have concerns about traveling. Driving and navigating a world where others don’t have mobility devices in mind can feel intimidating but with the right durable medical equipment, there is no limit to the places you can go.

If you live in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island and would like more information on lifts and ramps call (508) 802-4259 to speak to an expert at Lift and Care Systems. We will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect equipment to meet your needs.

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