Electric Points

Change course easily in three directions

When it is necessary to access three places from the same track, electric points is the practical solution. Maybe it is a bedroom off the main hallway or the tub or shower in a corner of the bathroom and not in line with the toilet. Both areas can be reached with the push of a button changing the direction of the track just like on the railroad. And with the 2800 LRC motor and the RC version of the electric points, this can all be accomplished using just one wireless infrared hand control. 


 Three-Way Switch

  • Electrically operated switches allow the ceiling motor to travel in three or four directions in order to reach different rooms.


  • Can be operated manually with a separate control or with the infrared remote control unit of the ceiling motor.


  • No separate power supply necessary (operates from the ceiling motor battery).


  • Cannot be used with the portable motor.