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FAQ for financing durable medical equipment Hartford, CT

Do You Accept Medicaid/Medicare to Help Fund a Durable Medical Equipment Purchase?

Funding a durable medical equipment purchase, especially when using Medicare or Medicaid, is a complex process that depends on many factors such as where you live, what equipment you need, and proof of the “medical necessity” for this equipment. The best approach is to give us a call at 508-947-3304 and talk to one of our experts to figure out the best way to approach this process.

Do You Provide Financing for Durable Medical Equipment?

Yes. We work with another company TimePayment, that can help you finance a lease for this equipment, based on the amount you put down, how much you need to finance and what target monthly payments you are looking for. You can even fill out a Consumer Lease Application out on our website.

What Other Options Are There to Help Fund a Durable Medical Equipment Purchase?

There are many other options available for funding a durable medical equipment purchase. There are lots of federal, state and local programs that can help, as well as many non-profit medical associations such as the American Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and Multiple Sclerosis Society, just to name a few, that provide funding for these life-changing situations. Check out our Funding Sources page. This page provides links to many different organizations, resources and government agencies that may be able to help. Also check out some of our blog posts providing detailed information about some of these sources for Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Call one of our durable medical equipment finance experts at 508-947-3304 to get the latest, information about funding durable medical equipment.

Does Private Insurance Cover the Purchase of Durable Medical Equipment?

It depends again on several factors such as the equipment to be purchased, the specific details of your insurance plan and the medical necessity of that durable medical equipment. In some cases, benefits such as workers compensation insurance will cover these purchases. The best way to find out about all of the options is to talk to one of our durable medical equipment finance experts at 508-947-3304 so they can look at all of the different ways to finance the equipment you need.

My Durable Medical Equipment is Not Working or Seems to be Malfunctioning. What Do I Do?

Give us a call at 508-947-3304. Sometimes the problem is a simple one that we can troubleshoot and resolve right over the phone and save you the cost of a service call. Another option is to participate in our Annual Inspection Program. This program is designed to make sure that your Surehands patient lift systems, Bruno Stairlift or Vertical Platform Lift, or Aqua Creek Pool Lifts are inspected by a qualified technician and having them maintain the equipment as needed. This often ends up preventing problems before they occur.

My Previous Durable Medical Equipment Company Went Out of Business and I Can’t Get Service for My Patent Lift System. Can You Help?

In some cases, yes, we can service some equipment and brands that we don’t carry, and we can also replace or update the malfunctioning equipment with our brand name durable medical equipment which we are authorized distributors for.

Who Do You Service?

About 50% of our business is for customers who live in their own home. The other 50% of our business goes to a variety of group homes, day programs, schools, and a variety of other programs and facilities for therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment for individuals with disabilities such as horseback riding facilities for hippotherapy.

Where is Your Service Area?

We serve the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, and we are the exclusive distributors of SureHands patient lift systems in these states.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

We have been in business since 1993, providing patient lift systems, and variety of other durable medical equipment such as handicap ramps for the home, portable wheelchair ramps, roll in showers, stairlifts for wheelchairs and much more. We have remained where many others have started businesses only to close up shop a few years later.

We persist because through our professional products and services we are able to routinely change the lives of physically challenged individuals; substantially and immediately. We will bring dignity and “Normalcy” back to the individual and family with pride and experience. We believe great struggles can be overcome by making homes, place of work, or school accessible and safe again. We thrive to achieve this by being that “Go To” company for accessibility needs in our region long into the future.

Do You Have Other Questions?

We are always here to help. Just complete our simple online contact form or call us at 508-802-4439 to reach out to one of our durable medical equipment experts for answers.