How to Prepare for a Vertical Platform Lift Installation?

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Most vertical platform lifts are designed to fit most homes without significant modifications. But there are some steps you should take before the installation of a vertical platform lift. Whether you do it yourself or hire a platform lift installation company, here are a few things you need to do before beginning the project.

Find the Best Location

Installing a vertical lift platform, whether you install it indoors or outdoors, is a huge undertaking, so it is important to find suitable locations for the installation before you even order the platform. These need to be installed next to a flight of stairs and make sure that it can be installed with no gaps between the lift platform and the landing. This allows the rider to roll onto and off of the lift platform with no problem.

An ideal location must have an accessible electrical outlet near it because most vertical platform lifts run on electricity. If there is no electric outlet near the lift area, it may be worthwhile to hire an electrician to install one for you.

Build a Stable Base

Another factor to consider is finding a place to install a stable base to support the weight of a vertical platform lift. Concrete works best, but some platform bases might be constructed of solid wood. For outdoor platform lift installations, you need to ensure that the area around the vertical platform lift has good drainage, otherwise excess water may pool near the base. Another issue to address is ensuring the rooftop gutters near the lift are installed and cleared regularly to prevent water from running down onto the lift.

Install a Door or Gate at the Upper Platform Landing

Because installing a vertical platform lift will involve removing a section of railing, it is crucial that the gap created uses some sort of door or gate that closes over the opening while the lift is not at that location. This will prevent people, whether the wheelchair user or others in the home, from falling from the landing when the lift isn’t there.

Installation of a vertical platform lift in Providence

Consider Hiring an Experienced Vertical Platform Lift Installation Company

Most vertical platform lifts require some construction to install the platform correctly. So it is a great idea to hire an experienced vertical lift platform installation company to do the work. In addition, licensed installers are required to ensure that the lift installation meets current ADA requirements and local building and safety codes. Another benefit of hiring an experienced vertical platform lift installation company is that they can handle any ongoing maintenance or repair needs.

If in Doubt, Have an Experienced Vertical Platform Lift Installation Company Help You Out!

Installing a vertical platform lift can be intimidating even for experienced DIY experts—especially when the safety of a loved one is involved, and you need to have it installed right. So always get a platform lift installation consultation before beginning work on the project.

At Lift and Care Systems, we are authorized Bruno vertical platform lift dealers and installers for the state of Rhode Island. We also offer free stairlift install consultations. Contact us at (508) 465-5254 or fill out our online contact form to speak to one of our stairlift specialists today.

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