Lift & Care Systems Now Offers Wheelchair to Car Transfer Devices

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March 4, 2019
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April 8, 2019

Lift & Care Systems Now Offers Wheelchair to Car Transfer Devices

Lift & Care Systems is proud to announce that we are now carrying Access Unlimited’s Multi-Lift and Glide ‘n Go wheelchair to car transfer devices.


The Access Unlimited Multi-Lift is designed to be used primarily with cars, but can be used for vans, trucks and SUVs. The Multi-Lift allows you to lift a power wheelchair or scooter in and out of your vehicle, in addition to helping the individual enter and exit standard, unmodified vehicles. Another great benefit of using the Multi-Lift is that it can used in the home for bedrooms, bathrooms or wherever else you might need it.

Access Unlimited multi-lift Providence, RI

The Multi-Lift is the perfect general-purpose body lift system that can be used almost anywhere, whether it is needed to enter a hotel room or vacation home, used to get in or out of bathtub or pool, or safely enter and exit your vehicle.

Glide ‘n Go

The Glide ‘n Go lift is a portable, easy-to-use lift for transferring a patient from a wheelchair to a van, truck or SUV. It features a power lift and transfer seat that enables individuals with reduced mobility to enter and exit standard, unmodified vehicles. It works using the vehicle’s own battery power to raise the individual up to the vehicle’s seat height, or lowering the individual to the seat height of the wheelchair. If for some reason the vehicle battery dies, don’t worry, because the lift has an emergency back-up system that will allow the you to exit the vehicle. The Glide ‘n Go works on both the driver’s side and passenger side of vehicles for either the first or second row of seats.

Glide ‘n Go lift Providence, RI

Both the Multi-Lift and Glide ‘n Go wheelchair transfer devices do not require drilling to install them in the vehicle. All you need is the make and model of the vehicle where you want to install the Multi-Lift or Glide ‘n Go. Vehicle specific brackets will be provided to bolt the lift onto it. This maintains the resale value of your car.

“The Access Unlimited line of wheelchair to car transfer devices fills an important gap in our line of products for disabled individuals,” said Dave Austin, President of Lift & Care Systems. “Not everyone can afford—or even need–a custom built lift system for their modified car or van. This makes the Glide ‘n Go and Multi-Lift a great option for many families.”

Need a Wheelchair to Car Transfer Device?

Look no further than Lift & Care Systems. Just complete our simple online contact form or call us at 508-802-4439 to reach out to one of our durable medical equipment experts for a free consultation.

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