Outdoor Stairlifts Make Fun Accessible For All

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Bowling, dancing, card games and art classes are among the events that many Massachusetts seniors enjoy on a daily basis. These activities are important because they give seniors a chance to interact with their friends, stimulate their mind, get some exercise and most importantly of all, have some fun. Many of these activities don’t have an official home: seniors make do with community rooms in public spaces, which are often only accessible by going up or down stairs.

Mobility issues happen. Complications from chronic health conditions, including joint pain and balance concerns, can make navigating the stairs difficult. Some seniors will take their chances, often leaning on other seniors who may not be any more stable on their feet, for assistance, but others will give up on their favorite activities entirely. This means they’re isolated and cut off from the vital activities that keep them happy or healthy.

For this reason, community facilities and similar settings can install stairlifts to ensure seniors and others with mobility challenges can continue to access their favorite activities. Bruno Stairlifts are available for outdoor installation, which makes accessing many of New England’s older community buildings, which have separate entrances on lower levels, easier for everyone.

Bruno Outdoor Stairlifts are truly tough enough for Massachusetts winters. They function in temperatures up to 15 below zero. They’re covered with durable powder coating that staves off the effects of rain, snow, ice, and other harsh winter. They can safely and reliably carry people who way up to 400 pounds. An optional cover can be used to provide extra protection for the stairlift as needed.

Stairlifts can transport people up and down staircases. Custom installation options means you can have outdoor stairlifts installed over outdoor grades, small hills, and other landscape obstacles. This can enable seniors and others to enjoy their gardens and yards, local parks, and other fun spaces.

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