Lifetime Shower

The Lifetime Shower System is an innovative bathing solution that adapts to meet your changing needs.

  • Wheelchair accessible shower Springfield, MA exampleQuickly and easily convert the shower from one with a standard low-step entry with sliding doors, to a barrier-free shower with a curtain that is ideal for those with limited mobility or that require wheelchair access.
  • Convertibility, durability, and value make the Lifetime Shower the last shower you will ever need.

How the Lifetime Shower System works

  • Uninstall the shower doors, and then remove the semi-permanent threshold along the floor.
  • Install the WaterStopper, our self-adhesive flexible water dam – no extra gluing or is caulk required.
  • Add a shower curtain rod and weighted shower curtain to complete the retrofit.

Want to go back to shower doors?

This process is completely reversible at any time.

Continue to save money long after installation

  • Attractive gelcoat walls and floors are extremely durable, resist mold and mildew, and are easier to clean and maintain than tile and stone.
  • Leak-proof wall seams and SnapJoint locking watertight corners mean never needing to worry about water damage or maintaining caulk.
  • Composite walls are reinforced with laminated wood cores. This not only offers exceptional durability, but it also allows secure placement of grab bars and wall-mounted shower chairs where and when you need them – without having to find studs or add additional structural elements.

Manufactured in the USA, all Lifetime Showers are backed by our industry-leading 30-year limited warranty.

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