Portable Ramps

EZ-ACCESS is the nation’s leading manufacturer for portable mobility ramps, offering popular portable mobility ramp solutions including the Suitcase Single-Fold Ramp, the Suitcase Single-Fold AS Ramp and the Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp. Designed for quick and easy use with mobility scooters and wheelchairs, the EZ-ACCESS portable mobility ramps serve as an inexpensive accessibility solution where semi-permanent modular ramps or vertical platform lifts are not applicable.

Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp

Suitcase Single-Fold Ramp


Suitcase Single-Fold AS Ramp

Suitcase Top Lip Extension

Traverse Curb Plate

Traverse Single-Fold Ramp

Suitcase Single-Fold GF Ramp

Traverse Single-Fold Edgeless Ramp

Traverse Walk Ramp