SUREHANDS® Body Support – Shower Bathing Trolley

3-in-1 system: shower, bath, and treatment

  • handicap-showersThree functions: can be used as a shower stretcher, shallow bath, or treatment table.
  • The rim of the shower trolley can be raised and lowered electrically to make showering comfortable and convenient. With the rim in the highest position, it serves as a shallow bathtub.
  • The lying surface of the shower trolley is pleasantly soft, feels warm, and is easy to maintain.
  • The entire shower trolley can be raised or lowered electrically to wheelchair height. The shower trolley can even be lowered to a level where users can sit down on it without assistance.
  • Bottom clearance for a mobile lift.
  • Moveable on castors.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Maximum capacity: 220 kg.
  • Option: removable sidebars.

Bathing care made easy, comfortable and safe

The patented battery-operated shower bath trolley offers a unique height- adjusting system, allowing the caregiver to give a bath or shower to a patient and can even be used as a changing table. The shower trolley is transportable with easy moving casters and a buffer rail to protect the patient, trolley and surrounding objects during transportation. This makes the shower trolley a convenient way to transfer a patient from a bed or wheelchair to the bathing area. It is ideal for use in or just outside of roll-in showers. And it makes a nice alternative to deep therapy tubs or other bathing systems that require long fill and drain times.

The unique and seamless shower trolley fabric makes it easy to clean while meeting infection control standards. The trolley is covered with a stretchy “smooth to the skin” tub fabric and has foam padding to create a comfortable surface for the patient. It is extremely durable with many critical components made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

The styling of the shower trolley combines ease of use with practical functions. Caregivers can adjust the trolley to a safe and comfortable working height. Electrically operated by a 24 V DC system that powers a quality LINAK actuator with a simple to use hand control. The battery is protected from the water in a hide-away compartment behind the skirt. The large drain hose allows for faster draining.

handicap-showerShowering a patient

The rim of the shower trolley can be raised or lowered electrically making it possible to allow water to collect underneath the patient if desired. Thick padding and a large platform create a comfortable secure area for the patient.

Bathing a patient

handicap-bathThe rim of the trolley can easily be adjusted higher to surround the patient so that bathing is possible in a secure and comfortable setting. This position is also good for protecting the patient during transportation. It is simple to get the shower- bathing trolley to the perfect depth with the electric controls.

Changing (Dressing and Undressing)

handicap-dressing-tableThe shower bath trolley can also be used as a changing table. Transfers from wheelchairs are possible when the table is at its lowest height. Easy height adjustment enables the caregiver to quickly raise the table to a proper working height while maintaining the safety of the patient during dressing and undressing.

Transferring a patient

The wide range of height adjustments and the ability to adjust the trolley to a flat surface make it ideal for lateral transfers. The shower trolley is compatible with the SUREHANDS® lift systems while lateral transfers are easily and safely performed with the use of the SUREHANDS® Rolbord. The lowest height is ideal for wheelchair transfers. Once the patient is transferred onto the trolley the sides can be raised to secure them as an alternative to side rails.

Adjusting Heights

handicap-tableThe battery-operated raising and lowering functions makes it possible to position the patient at the correct height for transfers. The shower-bathing trolley can be lowered so some patients can transfer independently. Or, it can be raised for easier access with a ceiling or mobile lift system. The maximum lifting capacity of the shower-bathing trolley is 440 lbs.

Accessories for the Shower Trolley

The WEDGE is made of high quality memory foam and provides additional support for the patient while bathing. This is especially significant for facilities bathing clients on ventilators. The Wedge measures 4″ at the high end and is 18″ wide to fit nicely into the shower bath trolley.

PureGreen 24 has been tested by the manufacturer and approved for use on the shower trolley fabric. It is available in three sizes: 4 oz sample, 32 oz spray bottle and 1 gallon jug for refilling.