Nancy B

Ryan B
November 16, 2016

Jeff, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I love that sure hands lift! Oddly, when I am having trouble catching my breath, the extra support on my ribs helps me breathe better. Also, when I am feeling anxious, the firm hold on my ribs calms me down, believe it or not! When my back or shoulder are sore and tired of being in the wheelchair, the extra support and vertical angle of the lift, take the pain away. On top of all that, my caregivers have mastered a speedy transfer from wheelchair to toilet and back. Now, it only takes a few minutes to go to the bathroom; it used to be a 20 minute project.

Someday, I will probably need to switch to the sling. But I share this with you in case there are other clients with ALS who would benefit from the sure hand design as much as I have so far. Three cheers to the engineer who designed that one!