Don’t just take our word for it. See what our other durable medical equipment customers have to say about us. Learn why Lift & Care Systems is one of the premier durable medial equipment suppliers serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Nancy B.

"Jeff, I've been meaning to tell you that I love that sure hands lift! Oddly, when I am having trouble catching my breath, the extra support on my ribs helps me breathe better. Also, when I am feeling anxious, the firm hold on my ribs calms me down, believe it or not! When my back or shoulder are sore and tired of being in the wheelchair, the extra support and vertical angle of the lift, take the pain away. On top of all that, my caregivers have mastered a speedy transfer from wheelchair to toilet and back. Now, it only takes a few minutes to go to the bathroom; it used to be a 20 minute project."

"Someday, I will probably need to switch to the sling. But I share this with you in case there are other clients with ALS who would benefit from the sure hand design as much as I have so far. Three cheers to the engineer who designed that one!"

Virgina C.

"Love the stair lift. It has been a godsend in allowing me to do things on my lower level. It was installed quickly, professionally and courteously"

Bruce B.

"As I get older and less mobile, the Surehands Ceiling Lift will be something I depend on much more."

Jeff Z.

"I love the Surehands Lift. It allows me to live independently, me and my dog. Without it, I would be in a home. It's easy to use, it never fails me. The body support works best when you are wet

Bethany D.

"Thank you for donating a lift system to this family. They are so deserving of this honor and they need the equipment so desperately. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today you really made a difference in someone’s life.

Judith M.

"I was referred to this company and I am very satisfied with the results. The products are reliable, unique, useful and definitely a high quality product that gives you value for your money. For me, they are a NUMBER ONE company! Sometimes in our position, with an invalid, we meet a lot pf problems with wheelchairs, etc. They were very kind and considerate in all aspects of transactions."

Dan M.

"I am very satisfied with the results especially with their communication system and  their products. They clearly explained how things worked, the staff were well trained and very responsive to my questions and concerns. I will purchase another product and I highly recommend this company because of high quality products, reliable and a good value for money."

Ryan B.

"This lift has increased my independence and allowed my to stay in my home and not need a PCA just yet. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to be independent and able to do safely. Even from simple task like daily care it has made those task easier which had improved my health. Thank you so much, their attention to meet my needs and exceed them is what makes them a great company. I showed them another company's product and they got me something similar and it works awesome! 

I am very satisfied with the company's communication. They are very prompt and installed it in a timely manner. The staff are also well trained. I love their products because it's reliable, high quality and very useful!"

Linda H.

"I wanted to reach out to you to let you know what a wonderful experience we have had in working with Jon. It is obvious that Jon loves his job and, more importantly, helping others. In my many meetings and discussions with him about a home lift system, I have always felt like he is looking out for our best interest and wanting what is best for our son, Ryan.Ryan is 16 with DMD and has always been very resistant to using any type of lift system. We are getting to a point where lifting him manually is becoming problematic and unsafe. Jon understood Ryan's reservations and really took the time to make him feel comfortable. He invited us to the office and allowed Ryan to try the lifts while answering any questions that he had. By the end of that appointment, Ryan was actually excited about getting the lifts because he knew that he would be safe and that the lifts would allow him greater independence. I feel very comfortable in my choice of using Sure Hands to install lifts for our home because of Jon's honesty, integrity and knowledge. Even when I learned that I could potentially have part of the expense covered by Mass Health if we chose another provider, I made the decision to stick with your company because of Jon and the confidence that he instilled in me. Beyond his excellent communication skills and empathetic nature, Jon is extremely knowledgable about the products and details around the installation. This is a huge asset and yet another reason to believe that we are making a good choice. I thought it was important to share my positive experience with you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day!"

Leo J.

“It's nearly three weeks since we started using the lift, and overall it's been great. The transition from bed to shower chair in the morning is the trickiest, but we manage. The shower chair tends to move even with the wheels locked so we end up doing a lot of positioning and repositioning. Thank you for the lift, the installation, and the training. And thank you for waiting to charge my credit card for the balance due. That was a big help.”

Joel R.

“I want to thank you and your son for the 2 stair lifts you installed in our home in Brookline. We couldn’t be more satisfied. My wife immediately was able to use it and having her coming downstairs a life changer for us and our family. Thank you.”