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August 1, 2021
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Assessing potential risks of falling involves multiple evaluations such as individual health condition, evaluation of medication, individual style assessment (such as appropriate clothing and slippers), etc. Home modification is but one of the many and is an effective strategy for reducing the number of falls amongst older adults, especially those with a high risk of falling.  

A home assessment for potential risks is the starting point of identifying home modifications.  Home modifications typically require an external home medical equipment company to make changes to the home.  However, for this blog, home modifications include any changes made to reduce the risks of falling.  The various home modifications may be categorized into these top five tiers.  

Home modification – a walk-in tub as a durable medical equipment for older adults in Boston

Tier 1 Modifications: Low to no-cost changes

  • Clear floor/walking spaces (not leave items on the floor, move or secure electrical cords)
  • Remove small rugs from the middle of the rooms
  • Secure rugs with tape to prevent rug slips
  • Make comfortable seating choices (chairs/sofas that are easy to sit/get up)
  • Add non-skid mats to the bathtub floor

Tier 2 Modifications: Repairs/Reorganization

  • Improve lighting (brighter and/or more bulbs, motion sensor lights)
  • Repair holes, broken tiles, or tears in linoleum flooring
  • Adjust heights of shelves/storage areas to reach easily (minimize stretching up or bending down)
  • Install flexible shower hoses

Tier 3 Modifications: Durable Medical Equipment Installations that improve stability

  • Install anti-skid flooring in bathroom area
  • Install grab bars on the bathroom walls/tub/beside toilets
  • Install raised toilet seats
  • Install grab bars on walls in various rooms for support

Tier 4 Modifications: Durable Medical Equipment Installations that improve mobility

  • Installation of indoor and outdoor Stair lifts or Rails
  • Installation of vertical platform lifts
  • Installation of indoor wheelchair ramps

Tier 5 Modifications: Durable Medical Equipment Installations that improve activities

  • Installation of aquatic or pool equipment
  • Use of vehicle lifts to enter and exit vehicles
  • Installation of outdoor wheelchair ramps

Modifying homes based on the individual’s needs can without question result in many benefits. In addition to facilitating safety and mobility at a functional level, it can also improve health, reduce medical expenditure, reduce caregiving by improving independence, and increase self-confidence in daily activities.

Let Lift & Care Systems Help You Improve Your Home’s Accessibility

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