Visiting Mom Reveals Need for Stairlift

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December 12, 2015
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“So I know I don’t get home to see Mom as often as I should, all right?” Andrew said. “My brother David is there with her, I assume everything is okay. But we went down over Christmas to see her and it became clear right away that everything is not all right.”

“It’s clear she’s in terrible pain going up and down those stairs,” Chloe said. “Ever since she had the hip replacement surgery, she’s never been right, and with the arthritis in her knees? It hurts just to watch her wince her way up those stairs.”

“And I’m worried about her falling,” Andrew added. “Her balance is way shakier than I remembered. I don’t know if she can take another fall.”

Having a stairlift installed is one way to address concerns about a loved one falling down the stairs. It also eliminates the need to experience pain every time the stairs are used: instead of putting stress on ankles, knees, and hips, a Bruno stairlift user simply sits in a comfortable chair and presses a button. Then they’re safely lifted from floor to floor without having to take a single step.

Changes in a loved one’s health can occur so gradually that people who live with them all the time don’t always see them. “I think that’s what happened with David,” Chloe said. “He’s just used to how Mom is, whereas for us it was a shock. When we raised the topic of having a stairlift installed for Mom, at first he was shocked, but then he realized it would be a very good idea.”

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