What Durable Medical Equipment is Needed for a Home Providing Shared Living Services?

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June 1, 2021
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The answer to this question depends a great deal on the individual receiving the shared living services. As part of the screening for individuals applying as shared living service caregivers, typically, there is an inspection of the home providing the services to help determine what equipment might be needed to make it a reasonable residence for individuals with developmental disabilities. But here are some of the durable equipment you might see in a home providing shared living services.

Handicap Ramps for the Home

Ramps into the house are often needed to ensure that mobility-challenged participants in the shared living services program can safely enter and leave the premises. In addition, most homes have at least a few steps within them to navigate between different rooms.

Shared services home using durable medical equipment in Lawrence, MA

Roll In Showers

Most accidents to disabled individuals happen in the bathroom. Usually this occurs because of slips due to standing water, or trips trying to step into or out of a tub or shower. Roll-in showers or handicap-accessible tubs are essential to ensure the safety of handicapped individuals by avoiding the need to step in or out of the shower. In addition, roll-in showers are designed to allow individuals who use wheelchairs to wash without leaving the chair or efficiently transferring to in-shower seating.

Lift Systems for Handicapped

Depending on the mobility needs of the individual in the shared services home, there may need to be a permanent overhead lift installed on a track that allows movement through the primary living areas of the home. Or a mobile patient lift may be available to allow a bit more flexibility of movement throughout the home.

Grab Bars and Support Rails

Grab bars in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas where disabled individuals might have trouble with balance or stability prevents accidents. Additional equipment such as support rails can help individuals with weaker legs get to their feet and maintain stability in living areas and bedrooms.

Need for Durable Medical Equipment for Your Shared Living Services Residence?

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