What to Do When Your Mobility Suddenly Changes

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February 11, 2019
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As predictable as life can sometimes be, the cherished routines and mobility you often take for granted, can change in an instant. Accidents can happen and your mobility changes for a limited amount of time, or perhaps for the foreseeable future. A sudden, serious health condition such as a stroke may impair us and our health status changes and tasks which you didn’t have to think about before now can seem insurmountable.

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It can be difficult to accept that you can no longer do the things you used to do, or that you have to modify the way you do things. The ability to get from one place to another, whether you are talking about transportation in our communities and around the country, or whether you are talking about getting from a wheelchair to a bed is crucial to how you see yourself and how you function.

Too often our fear of change, coupled with the difficulty of accepting a new temporary or permanent reality where mobility is no longer a given, can prevent you from living the fullest lives possible. You get stuck, can stay mired in grieving what you have lost, and never get around to answering the question of how you can function now.

Lift & Care Systems and its variety of patient lift systems and other durable medical equipment can provide the bridge necessary to get you from being frustrated with what you can no longer do, to being able to participate as much as possible.

Quality of Life Matters

Getting where you need to go as safely as possible is important. Limitations are frustrating and can keep us from doing the things we used to do and still want to do. Adjusting and adapting to your altered mobility is crucial in terms of the continued healing process. Your emotional and physical well-being is often connected to your ability to engage in basic life activities, special occasions and new possibilities. For this reason, Lift & Care Systems and its trained professionals are here to listen and help you find the best durable medical equipment and products that to enable you to participate in life again.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Hard Questions

Altered mobility is serious and needs to be dealt with as directly as possible. Not facing the challenges and denying their impact prevents you from finding solutions. It is important to be as pro-active as possible because delays can often make solutions harder to come by and increase the number of missed opportunities to engage in family life.

Lift & Care Systems professionals have spoken to many clients and their dedication, expertise and experience can offer folks at the beginning of their changed mobility journey hope. This hope is grounded in Lift & Care’s past successes that continue to inform this company’s goal which is “to make making independent living a reality for many people and to achieve the highest quality of life for both the user and caregiver.”

Need Help Adapting to a Sudden Mobility Change?

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