What to Look for in an Excellent Durable Medical Equipment Store ¬ Part 1

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April 3, 2017
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May 7, 2018

There are a lot of durable medical equipment stores out there, so how do you select the one that is right for you? Lift & Care Systems presents a three-part blog series going over the qualities that you need to look for in a reputable durable medical equipment store.

Practical Experience in the Field

One of the greatest assets of an excellent durable medical equipment store is practical, real-world experience installing equipment such as ceiling lift systems, handicap ramps for the home and stairlifts for wheelchairs. This durable medical equipment can be complex and the company needs to be aware of the many challenges of installing it in different homes, companies and care-provider facilities.

Outdoor Bruno Stair Lift in Lawrence, MA installation example

The company needs to be sure that the installations are compliant with all laws, building codes and other regulations, and make sure that the equipment is installed right and safely for the patient. Nothing can prepare you for these situations better than hours in the field completing these installations.

Takes Time to Answer Questions

No one knows what to expect when an accident or illness creates a need for durable medical equipment. Typically, this is not something where you’ve had a lot of time to consider your needs and how to provide a good quality of life for someone who has suffered this way. So, you will naturally have questions, and a good durable equipment store has resources on staff to help answer these questions and help point you to resources for help for those that they cannot answer. They will help guide the patient and the patient’s caregivers through this confusing and sometimes intimidating process to make sure that they are well informed about their options every step of the way.

Compassion and Understanding of What the Patient is Going Through

A sudden accident or illness, or even slow deterioration to the state where you need durable medical equipment, such as a roll in shower or a stair lift for your home, can be difficult for both the patient–trying to accept their new limitations–and the caregivers–wanting to help the patient maintain a high level of independence and quality of life.

A well-trained staff at a durable medical equipment company understands the common fears and reservations that both patients and caregivers experience, and know how to address them to make them more comfortable with this new situation.

Looking for the Best Durable Medical Equipment Store in the Boston, MA Area?

Look no further than Lift & Care Systems. We’ve been in business since 1993 and have provided durable medical equipment such as Bruno stair lifts, EZ Access ramps, and Surehands body support systems for clients in Boston, Hartford, CT; Providence, RI; Lawrence, MA and many other locations within the state of Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-802-4439 for a free consultation or complete our online contact form to get advice from a durable medical equipment expert right away.

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