What to Look for in an Excellent Durable Medical Equipment Store Part 2

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May 7, 2018
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Last month we covered the first three qualities of what to look for in an excellent durable medical equipment store:

  • Practical experience in the field
  • Taking time to answer questions
  • Compassion and understanding of what the patient is going through

Here are three more qualities to look for:

Detailed Understanding of How Insurance and Medicare Works for Paying for Durable Medical Equipment

The best durable medical equipment suppliers have in-depth knowledge about how to navigate the challenges of rapidly changing insurance coverages and the complex rules within the Medicare system. They know how to help both patients and caregivers navigate the paperwork, approvals, documentation and process for getting coverage for your essential durable medical equipment.

Insurance clipboard for durable medical equipment in Boston, MA

Knows How to Install and Service Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment is not much use if it is installed wrong. Maybe if you are a handy homeowner and have some construction experience you might be able to install it yourself. But you won’t have the years of accumulated knowledge and experience of installing and servicing equipment such as ceiling lift systems or vertical platform lifts and missing one little detail may lead to the equipment being unsafe or to future service problems with the unit. Having experts handle the installation of durable medical equipment also saves a lot of time, getting it up and running a lot faster.

Has Accreditations and Certifications

A lot of durable medical equipment such as the SureHands Body Support Systems, requires specific training and certifications in order to be authorized to sell and service it. This assures that your equipment has been purchased and installed properly.

Need a Durable Medical Equipment Store in the Boston, MA Area?

We here at Lift & Care Systems have over 25 years of experience selling and servicing durable medical equipment such as EZ-Access ramps, Bruno stair lifts, and handicap shower stalls from Best Bath. Reach out to us by completing our online contact form or call us at 508-802-4439 for a free consultation or to get advice from a durable medical equipment expert right away.

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